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Need for Speed Gameplay
Need For Speed World is the new online version of the extremely popular racing game franchise. It's a massively multiplayer open world game (MMO), with RPG style leveling up.

Huge Open world
Need For Speed World features Palmont, the city from Need For Speed Carbon, and also Rockport from Most Wanted, which combine to make a huge world to explore. There's a night/day rotation, which makes it feel more dynamic. There are no pedestrians, and little traffic. This means you won't be interrupted too often when racing, but does make Need For Speed World feel a bit lifeless.

Car Shopping
Choose a car from a small range of not very exciting cars to start with, liek the Toyota Corolla or Mitsubishi Eclipse, then roam the huge Need For Speed World looking for races. These can be multi or single player, and get into chases with the cops. Evading the police and ranking in races gives you experience points and money, which in turn unlock better cars that you can buy in the Need For Speed World showroom.

Your cars can be modified with stickers, paint and decals, and power-ups can be chosen and purchased with in game money. Need For Speed World seems pretty stable, even with loads of players online. When you enter the open world you can't crash into other players, only the environment and other traffic. Online players can only push you around if you enter a race. The cars in Need For Speed World have the forgiving, arcade style handling that makes the franchise such fun to play.

There is online chat alongside the racing, and you can add friends and meet up to race them. Graphically Need For Speed World is ok, but looks a few years old. However, this means you don't need a super computer to play the game!

Need For Speed World is an impressive massively multiplayer online racing game, and although it looks a bit basic it's really playable.

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